Barclay-Morton Editorial+Design

Editorial: We started out with immersive photography, shooting film as events unfolded around us. When you need images taken from a Point-of-View which irrefutably says “someone who was there”, then consider calling someone who knows how to keep moving around with both eyes open: think about calling us.

Live Performances: Photographing live performances without resorting to the use of the flash, through utilizing only available light, has always been a passion with us. From individual poets in poorly lit bookstores, to pick-up bands in dimly lit clubs; from large theatrical productions with the wildly variable lighting, to mainstream acts with full light shows: we've done it all, and we've done it well.

Macro and Technical: Need to show others that proverbial “Head of a pin”? We utilize a complete range of flat field, bellows-mount macro lenses as well as standard-mount macros to capture the smallest objects in exquisite detail. The depth of our experience in macro work will allow you to fully focus attention where others have always overlooked the not-so-obvious.

Landscape and Architechture: We specialize in the use of shift/tilt (perspective control) lenses, bringing you the kind of imaging exactitude once only seen from huge 8” X 10” graphic view cameras. Whether you are showing a favorite place, a local haunt, a view to remember, or, your house and business inside and out: call us to present your vision in the best possible light through our technical expertise.