Barclay-Morton Editorial+Design

Individual solutions for unique ideas: We prefer to work from the ground up. With a shared yet varied background in post-structural philosophy, we can help you to determine which components inform the ideas you need to present; and then we can help you to define how the unique way you compose those concepts connects with the world, to contextualize your work for others. Let your prospective clients and customers know why your work is unique, and do it in a way they will easily remember: have us help you to convey your ideas, in a way that is individually tailored to your project.

With as close an eye attending type as does the images we choose to use, rest assured the result will be a cohesive, coherent, and clear exposition of the message you need to send out about your work.

Why waste your time puzzling over point sizes, letter kerning, line leading, and all the other subtle variances that to make type look great? We've been doing that for decades, and we can do it for you as quickly as you need to see it done well.

Using industry standard software, a keen attention to detail, and a “Best Practices” approach to production, we will see your project through to fruition from its inception. Feel secure in resting your attention upon what you want to convey, as we deal with the technical details which attend presentation. Know that your work will reach its intended audience seamlessly.