Barclay-Morton Editorial+Design

We can assist the development of your project at any stage. We are professional writers who have experience guiding others to completion of a wide array of writing, including book-length manuscripts, articles (journalistic and academic), essays, plays, stories, grant proposals, newsletters, and marketing copy.

Manuscript Review: This is the recommended first stage if you have a full-length manuscript, play, or book-length collection of stories or essays. If you are interested in any of our content development services, we can read your manuscript as the beginning of that service or suggest a way in which to proceed.

Coaching includes a hands-on engagement with your manuscript, wherein we would offer commentary and suggestions throughout the writing and/or revision process of your manuscript.

Mentoring is suggested for more advanced writers. If you feel basically secure in your writing style and your project, but want an expert outside eye for advice at critical stages of the process, this would be the best service for you.

Ghostwriting is a service wherein we would rewrite your rough draft and/or ideas into a finished manuscript. This service is appropriate for you if you have a compelling story to tell but do not want to be concerned about the basic style and shape of a manuscript.

Teaching/Workshops: Julia has many years experience as a writing teacher at college, university, secondary and professional levels. She can work with you privately to improve your writing and/or integrate you into a workshop with other writers working at a similar level to you.