Barclay-Morton Editorial+Design

Manuscript Review is the suggested first stage of the editing process if you are bringing us a book-length project. The editor reads your manuscript and gives you feedback as to what kind of editing we believe the book requires and, if you request it, suggestions for potential avenues for publications, markets, etc.

Developmental Editing is the heaviest form of editing of raw text that may not even be in manuscript form or exists as a rough draft. The editor suggests a form of the work and/or is asked to do substantive rewrites.

Substantive Editing assumes the basic manuscript is in place but includes suggestions for rewrites, rearrangement of text and so forth.

Copyediting is a lighter touch wherein basic grammar and spelling is the focus, but may also include suggestions for minor changes in phrasing or layout.

Proofreading is the final stage of editing, when the text is substantively in place and about to go either to print or sent out to publishers or agents. If the text is laid out for publication, then formatting is also being proofed.

Research: If you need more information about your subject/s, such as historical or international context, a survey of specialist publications and/or a very specific piece of information, we can provide an expert research service. Our research skills draw from international experience in academia, journalism, law, theater, art, philosophy, producing, fundraising, marketing, non-profit management and publishing.