John Barclay-Morton

I have studied post-structural philosophy for almost as long as I have practiced photography; and a lifetime of writing, editing, and graphic design has unfolded between these two interests...


From poetry to reporting; from philosophy to prose: my background in writing runs from my first paid placement at a magazine (1979) to my current production of downloadable PDFs in peer reviewed philosophic journals. I worked as a newspaper columnist in the early 1990s, and as a magazine feature writer in the 2010’s.


I am currently working as a freelance editor. Recently, I've worked upon projects that range from multi-page reports up to fully illustrated books; from crime novels, to autobiographies. I have the reputation of being a meticulous proofreader: my attention to detail is that of a photographer searching for dust upon a negative.


I specialize in post-structuralism, with an emphasis upon the formation of concepts within systems of visual imagery. My primary areas of interest are meta-linguistics and critical theory, areas I’ve worked within since the early 1980s. When I put together excerpts from an ongoing research project, I do not have difficulty publishing them.


After a very early start—I began developing / printing black and white negatives in 1974—I continued to refine my photographic skills over the course of my life. I specialize in available light photography (musicians and other performers), panoramic landscapes (using a Perspective Control—shift/tilt—lens), High Dynamic Range imaging, and Macro (close-up) photography. I do everything else with a camera equally well, and I am constantly exploring new imaging techniques.

Image Editing

I love digital photography! I began using Aldus PhotoStyler in the early 1990s, and moved on to Adobe Photoshop in earnest after purchasing a high end digital film scanner in 2004. I’ve always been interested in the technical side of photography, and even studied astronomy for a year while at university—to learn more about light and sensitometry. I have developed some interesting techniques for enhancing photographs of artifacts, using forensic imaging software.

Graphic Design

Design and layout paste-ups were done by hand back when I began working at print publications. Print copy was affixed to layout sheets using hot wax, and it was a fortunate newsroom that had more than a half dozen typefaces available for their CompuGraphic headliner! That all changed with Aldus’ PageMaker, which I started using in the early 1990s; and today, InDesign has made typographic excellence a standard—for those who know what they are doing in the first place.

Barclay-Morton Editorial Design

Bespoke design and editing services for all of your creative needs. Writing and editing; images and design. This business concern is a co-operative run by my wife, Dr. Julia Lee Barclay-Morton, myself, and Ugo the Cat (who generously allows us to stay at his place)...

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