Barclay-Morton Editorial+Design

John and Julia Lee Barclay-Morton offer bespoke editorial and design services, from concept to publication — whether you are developing a book or theater project, publishing a newsletter, or want to redesign your business cards (or company logo).

We have expertise in the full range of editing (from developmental editing to proofreading), content/context development (from mentoring to doctoring) and design (from concept to print layout). We can also provide you with photography, writing, research and project management.

You can bring us a project (none too large or too small) at any point of development, and we will discuss the services we can provide that are appropriate to your needs — and your budget.

We can provide all levels of editing, depending on the needs of your project. During your consultation with us, we will determine with you what level/s of editing you are seeking; for guidelines on this, please see the Edit section. For editing of layout and design, please see the Design section. For editing or retouching of photographs, please see the Image section. For content development services (including mentoring), please see the Text section.